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New members or new to sailing

We suggest that beginners  start by booking a day sail.

New member but has sailed before

Those who have sailed before and want to be informed of sailing opportunities such as Sea Time Cruises and Charters where crew are required should ensure that they are registered with the CSD Crew Bureau.  They should also consider booking a Sea Time Cruise.

Interested in training or having a mentor

Chartering Sea Essay

Website / publicity

This website is managed by James Savage

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To feed back on a CSD (or CSSC) organised sailing event on Sea Essay please use this online feedback survey


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Sea Essay has a Twitter account.  To review recent tweets either refer to the Twitter panel on the front page or click on the Twitter icon ( Twitter icon )  on the top right of most pages on this website.  If you include @seaessay409 in your message it should feature on the front page of this website and will be seen by anyone following @seaessay409.


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Channel Sailing is a division of the Civil Service Sailing Association