Terms & Conditions

All members should familiarise themselves with the following Terms and Conditions and the two documents that form the Sea Essay Charter Agreement.

(1) The overarching Terms and Conditions for CSD:

CSSA CSD T&Cs 2015 Live V1.0 2015-01-06

(2)  the terms of the Charter Agreement and the Crew Articles that apply for sailing, training or other club events:

Sea Essay of Hamble Charter Agreement and Crew Articles 2016

(3) The “crew list” that Approved Skippers and Crews are required to sign is called a “Testimonium” since this is part of the agreement and where the crew sign-up to the agreement with the Club. The importance of this document is explained within:

CSSA CSD Charter Agreement – Testimonium –  2016

Taken together the above documents covers:

  • Booking, payment, cancellation and curtailment of an event as well as late return of the yacht
  • Yacht handover and acceptance
  • Permitted use of the yacht
  • Authority on board
  • The requirement for First Aid qualifications
  • Expenses
  • Losses and damages
  • Safety

Click the above hyperlinks to view or right click to download the respective documents.

(4) Issues and complaints.

CSD is run by a network of volunteers. Our terms and conditions set-out how we intend to operate and provide our members with a great experience. However, we recognise that on occasions things may not go as well as you or we would like. If you experience issues with the CSD service, volunteers or other members please initially raise these directly with the relevant event organiser. If subsequently you are not satisfied with how your issue is dealt with please contact one of the Club Officers.

We have processes to ensure any complaints are handled fairly. Complaints need to be in writing (email is preferable) to the relevant organiser, or to the Club Captain, Club Secretary or Yacht Secretary. An investigation will take place and we may contact you or others for further information. We will notify you and as appropriate, others of the outcome.

Channel Sailing is a division of the CSSA