Why Training?

Sailing can be a challenging sport in a sometimes demanding and unforgiving environment. We want students to get maximum enjoyment by giving them the knowledge needed to sail safely and confidently. Whatever level of ability be it new crew or ocean skipper, we need to be competent – which includes knowing personal limits, knowing when to ask for advice and, most importantly, knowing when to say no and mean it. Of course you can wing it or remain blissfully unaware, relying upon the everlasting goodwill of the Coastguard, RNLI and other emergency services when it all goes horribly wrong. A timely reminder perhaps of the old adage, if you think training is expensive, try ignorance!

Does everyone think about their changing needs as they fill-up their logbook? Does everyone think about, which aspects of their sailing get least attention? Consider this, there are people with many sea miles who have never berthed a boat, who have avoided the horrors of navigation and who have never been wholly in charge of a boat. It is little wonder then that such people face a huge hurdle should they want to qualify as a Yachtmaster.

Many tricky tasks such as operating in confined spaces (much complicated by tides, wind and traffic) only account for a small proportion of any voyage so there is little time for practice. That is where our three day Boat Handling course comes in, focussing on berthing, mooring and manoeuvring including anchoring and man-overboard drills. There is plenty of hands-on experience and time to get it right, with the syllabus tailored to meet the specific needs of student sailors. Our three day Sail Trim course unlocks the dark arts of optimising boat performance by fine-tuning the many and varied controls. The Day Skipper, Competent Crew and Yachtmaster preparation courses speak for themselves as do our one day Radar and Plotter courses.

Train hard: sail easy is the aim. This means attaining the blend of skills, knowledge and experience that will minimise surprises and allow you to face expected situations and challenges. You will be better prepared and more able to cope, and thus experience safer and more rewarding sailing.

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