How to: Facebook and Twitter

First Sea Essay got a Twitter account @seaessay409 and now Channel Sailing Division  has a  Facebook Group.  What next ?

Well to get you started, have a look in the top right hand side of this page for the following icons that represent Twitter  Twitter icon and Facebook facebook iconrespectively.

Social Media icons highlighted

If you click these icons you will be taken to the relevant page.  The difference between them is as follows:

Twitter icon The Twitter feed broadcasts brief updates to information on this website. Each update will typically have a link to the relevant page. So is the update is to inform you that the Sailing Programme has been updated then it will contain an update to the Sailing-Opportunities page.   If you create or have a twitter account of your own please follow @seaessay409.  This will allow us to see how many people are following this account.  You might also want to copy in @seaessay409 if you are tweeting anything of relevance to CSD or Sea Essay.

facebook iconThe CSSA – Channel Sailing Division Facebook Group is a closed group and is intended to provide a place where members can discuss opportunities, and share experiences and hopefully some highlights of their sailing adventures.  If you are not yet on facebook you will first need to sign up for a free account.  To become a member of the CSSA Facebook group you will need to click the facebook icon or this link and submit a request to join.  You will receive an email notification when your request and membership status has been validated – this is a manual process so please be patient.  You will also start receiving email notifications from the group. You can control these notifications using the Notifications setting in the bottom right of the header image as shown here:

facebook notifications -highlighted