Read once – About this website

Welcome to this website.   Please take a moment to orientate yourself:

  • In particular, please take a look at the ‘About’ menu which will pop-up below the word ‘ABOUT’ if you move your mouse or cursor in this area of the Menu bar.
  • Note the tiny black triangle to the right of the word About. This indicates that this menu has a drop-down sub-menu to explore. The same applies to the ‘LINKS’ menu.


  • Please look out for hyperlinks such as this one to the FAQs.
  • Hopefully you will all appreciate the  photographs which have been contributed by members.  Please do contribute more if you have any.  The easiest way to do this is to either email them to the webmaster or post them on Facebook – preferably in an album.
  • Comments and suggestions for further improvement are always welcome.

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