Coastguard Helicopter Video

This happened a year of two back so although you may have seen this before is too good to leave languishing in cyberspace. Many thanks to Andy Rankine for editing this down.

This is a short video clip of a Coastguard helicopter exercise conducted in conjunction with Sea Essay.

This exercise was pre-arranged I believe. The helicopter crew would have initially briefed the skipper about what is going to happen and what direction to sail etc. The pilot often requires the yacht to sail on a close reach while the crewman is lowered down on the winch. The helm’s role is critical and they need to avoid looking up at the aircraft or otherwise being distracted. Note the level of noise. It is extremely hard to communicate on board with a helicopter hovering over your heads.

CSD Google Calendar

Note.  This calendar is under development. Its main focus is for tracking availability of Sea Essay and Training Events.

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Yacht Husband Team – Jan 2019

The following photo appeared on Facebook on 3 Jan 2019.

The CSD Yacht Husband Team with hard hats, a sense of humour and safety glasses, ready for anti-fouling.

Sea Essay is now back in the water in readiness for the 2019 season.