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Skippers Newsletter 2/21 *updated*

No one spotted my deliberate mistake in SNL 02/2021 in identifying the tap for the Aft (No.2) Water Tank.  It is in fact the top one on the manifold and is very obvious when you look at the arrangement of the pipework.  An update to the second skipper’s newsletter for 2021 has been sent to all regular skippers of Sea Essay.

For reference purposes these newsletters can also be viewed and downloaded from

Update – 8 Feb 2021

Sea Essay has been out of the water at Hamble Point since the 7th December but due to the ongoing situation Jeff’s Yacht Husband team have been unable to gather to carry out any of the below waterline tasks (primarily inspection and anti-fouling). Whilst Colin Smith and Andy Rankine have made regular visits to the boat and carried out what tasks the two of them can, the majority of jobs require the whole team. At this time March 8th looks like the earliest opportunity that lockdown will be eased enough to let work commence although we will have to wait for Boris'”Road Map” for confirmation.

There will then be a wait for a re-launch slot, hopefully well before the only booking so far available to us on the 19th April (with Hamble Point being the only lift-out facilities MDL now offer there are 3 marinas worth of vessels in the queue). Once back in the water the majority of lay-up tasks can be completed, e.g. have hull scratches and marks professionally repaired, refit sails and other equipment that have been removed for servicing, deep clean, test sail and obtain the annual Small Commercial Vessel Code of Practice certificate.

This all obviously means that the early part of our published sailing programme particularly in March is likely to be cancelled. We do hold out some hope that the events towards the end of April may be able to go ahead but a lot has got to go right for them to happen.


Wanted – A volunteer to help update this website

Website Author and Administrator is a proposed new role for CSD. It will involve working with the Webmaster and the Programme Sub-Committee to keep the CSD website and CSD facebook group up-to-date.

This website is currently produced using WordPress, a web-based tool for creating and managing blogs and other types of website.

  • Experience in similar roles would be useful but is not a pre-requisite.
  • Access to a computer with Windows 10 or MAC OS and internet connectivity is likely to be essential. Some updates can be done using a smartphone or tablet.
  • Familiarity with posting messages on facebook and other internet forums or blogs is highly desirable.
  • This role would provide an opportunity for a volunteer to contribute to the club and to gain knowledge and experience in the following:
    • How the club operates
    • Use of WordPress & other related tools
    • Information management
    • Website management
    • Aspects of IT security
    • Publicity / Marketing

This is not a time consuming role as we do not often receive more than two time-sensitive requests to updates the website each month. However, we are short of people with the necessary skills to make the most of the website and we would like more volunteers to be able to carry out such updates.

If you are interested in discussing this opportunity please complete the form below or contact the Webmaster though other channels.

CSD Facebook Group

This is a shameless plug for our  Facebook Group. As of today, we have 177 members and it has been quietly growing during lockdown.

There is a button that can be used to invite other CSD/CSSA members you know to join too.

Please use the facebook group to share memories and experiences on board and keep in touch with other members.

Finally, if you haven’t already done so please visit and ‘like’ the CSSA facebook page. This helps spread the word about our parent organisations.

Wanted – Photos and video

We are always looking for new material and photos for the website.

Were you one of the lucky ones who managed a sail before lockdown? Do you have any photos?

Did you sail on Sea Essay in previous years? If so, please do share any photos or video or written reports / comments on events you have been on.

Please get in touch if you have any material that may be of use.

James Savage – email

Skipper Familiarisation

We will be holding Skipper Familiarisation sessions for Sea Essay on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February 2020.

Look for ‘FAM’ on the Sailing Programme
  • All newly Approved Skippers and those anticipating becoming Approved Skippers in 2020 must attend a familiarisation session before they are allowed to charter the boat.
  • Approved Skippers who have not sailed on Sea Essay in 2019 are strongly advised to attend a session as a refresher.

These familiarization sessions are held aboard Sea Essay at Mercury Yacht Harbour and take about 3 hours.

  • If the weather permits we may go for a short sail in the afternoon.
  • If you would like to attend please email Jeff Llewellyn (
  • Joining details and further instructions will be sent nearer the time.

Sea Time – A brief video

In the absence of much news here is a brief video filmed during a Sea Time last year. If you have video footage of your own that members may be interested in please respond below or contact the webmaster through other channels:

Sea Time on Sea Essay – Feb 2019