CSD1-2-1: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is CSD1-2-1?
    This is a convenient shorthand for a CSD scheme that helps Club members who want to develop their sailing experience get advice, guidance and practical help on a one-to-one basis.
  1. Why is CSD offering this?
    CSD wants to encourage people to take-up sailing and to improve their sailing experience over time. Providing advice, guidance and practical help along the way is a positive way of achieving this and we think there is demand.
  1. What sort of needs are covered?
    Once introduced to sailing with CSD, members have said it is hard to find a way round the different sailing options and making the necessary contacts. CSD1-2-1 might include understanding what CSD can do to help and how to book things, understanding the RYA scheme and how to develop skills using the RYA training ladder or a less formal approach, the CSSA Approved Skipper scheme and how CSSA and CSD fit together and operate. Confidence building and simply getting afloat more often are also part of the mix, which will be unique to each participant.
  1. What’s on offer?
    The skills, knowledge and experience of a volunteer Approved Skipper on a one-to-one basis offered freely to a participant.
  1. How does it work?
    Prospective participants will be matched with a CSSA Approved Skipper. The relationship is open ended and can continue as long as both parties find this is of value. There should be a review after 12 months and it is likely a formal relationship will not need to extend beyond a couple of years. Matching will be on a best-fit basis; taking account of what the participant’s assessment of need and what volunteer Approved Skippers consider they can best offer.
  1. What happens next?
    The matched participant and Approved Skipper will have an initial discussion to learn about each other. Once they confirm their pairing, they will agree the focus of their efforts, as well as practical issues about how the relationship will work, including how they will keep in touch.
  1. What’s the commitment?
    This should not be onerous for either person. Each pair will agree what is right for them bearing mind what they want to achieve and that we all have a wide range of commitments.
  1. Are there any guidelines?
    There are no formal guidelines or sets of rules as this is a light-touch arrangement with minimal administration. Each relationship will be different and essentially self-managed. If issues arise which need support to resolve, the CSD1-2-1 Coordinator will provide support.
  1. Will it work?
    An honest assessment of needs will help determine where efforts are focussed. A key measure of success will be whether agreed outcomes are achieved. Above all, the foundation for success is an effective relationship based on trust developing over time between the people involved – the participant and volunteer Approved Skipper.
  1. What if I have concerns and issues?
    Keeping the relationship under review is important. Participants and volunteer Approved Skippers should be open and honest about progress with one another, and especially in discussing and agreeing solutions to issues and concerns as they arise. The CSD1-2-1 Coordinator will also offer help if needed.
  1. What if I want to end the relationship?
    This a voluntary arrangement and either person is free to end the relationship unilaterally at any time but hopefully this will be the exception and after consultation with the CSD1-2-1 Coordinator. We expect relationships to conclude by agreement, mostly because the relationship has achieved what it set out to achieve.
  1. How do I apply?
    Prospective participants and volunteer approved skippers who are interested in taking part should contact the CSD1-2-1 Coordinator using the contact details below. Participants are asked to outline what they would like to get out of the scheme and to state any preferences. Volunteer approved skippers are asked to outline where they can best help participants. See our suggested Top Tips.

Colin Hurd is the CSD1-2-1 Coordinator

Email: CSD121coord@outlook.com

Mobile: 07799 472 243

Home: 01403 267 463

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