To sail on Sea Essay you will need to be a member of the CSSC (see below) or pay a Day Membership fee  (see charges).

You are deemed to be a member of CSD if you have sailed on Sea Essay within the last 3 years.

Eligibility to join CSSC

Membership of CSSC is open to employees of the Civil Service, BT and the Post Office and now includes the staff of over one hundred other bodies such as English Heritage and the Research Councils, members of HM armed forces, the police, local authorities and National Health Service employees.

  • Full Membership is also open to former members of CSSC who have left government service, or those who have retired and are receiving a pension from an eligible organisation.
  • If you don’t qualify for membership in your own right you may be able to join as a Linked Member of CSSC.
  • Linked members are sponsored by an existing member of CSSC for their first year of membership. After that they qualify as a full member and can themselves sponsor linked members.

If in doubt about your eligibility, please see the CSSC FAQ or contact the CSSC Membership Department on 01494 888444.

Membership Subscriptions

CSSC Membership and Linked Membership costs 4.99 per month for those still in employment, or slightly less for qualifying members on pension or linked members over 65 years of age.


  1. Membership prices are for 2023. See for latest prices
  2. Membership can be paid monthly
  3. There is no charge for membership of the CSSA

Joining CSSC

The easiest way to join is to do it online via

Once you’ve joined online, you’ll be able to sign in to the CSSC website immediately and start making use of your new benefits. Alternatively, you can join over the telephone during office hours by calling the membership department on 01494 888444.

Joining CSSA

Once you are a member of CSSC you are eligible  join the CSSA for free and indicate which divisions and clubs you wish to join.  This will entitle you to receive a copy of Civil Service Sailing magazine, subscribe to the crew bureau or enrol for the various courses and other events that are publicised by email and on this and other CSSA related websites.  The contact details  you provide will  be passed to the CSSA divisions that you indicated interest in joining.

Download and complete the form at

When completed please send these forms to the CSSA Membership Secretary:


Channel Sailing is a division of the CSSA