Skippers Newsletter 01-2010

Civil Service Sailing Association – Channel Sailing Division
SKIPPERS NEWSLETTER – Yacht Sea Essay of Hamble

Newsletter No 01/10
May 2010


This is an occasional document issued by the Yacht Secretary, which will be placed on the CSD website and/or sent to all CSSA approved Skippers in CSD when there is new and/or important operational information to promulgate.  There is no intention to produce newsletters on a regular basis.  Each one is numbered in sequence every year so recipients can identify if any are missing.

Items for this issue of the Skippers Newsletter are as follows;

Spinnaker Halyard

A new (red fleck) spinnaker halyard has been fitted for use with the cruising chute.  The block is situated on the starboard side and, as a result, the outhaul block has been moved to the port side.  The existing spare Genoa 2 halyard is below the forestay and although it could be used it is not possible to gybe the sail and therefore should only be used for the storm jib.


Chart 2648 (West of Channel Islands) has been added to Folio 16.

Engine Battery

For security the Engine battery should be turned OFF and the key put in the chart table when the boat is left on a pontoon and locked – there is no cockpit engine key.

Shore Power

Engine and Service batteries – when leaving the boat shore power should be connected and the charger switch to ON.  Check that the red light on the box under the chart table is on AND that the battery charger CB is ON – UP is on.  Also check that the immersion heater CB is off. (See photo below).  The CB positions are the most important part of your closedown and handover because they effect of battery condition for the next crew.

240 Volt Circuit Breakers


Martin Bellamy

CSD Yacht Secretary
May 2010

Channel Sailing is a division of the CSSA