Whatsapp – This is work in progress

At the AGM several members indicated interest in a CSD Whatsapp Group. To this end we are establishing two Whatsapp Groups for members of CSD:

One for Broadcasts – there will be no discussion within this group

One for Discussion

The maximum number of people in a group is about ~250. So we anticipate limiting membership to those who are currently CSSC members, are CSSA members and have sailed on Sea Essay in the current or previous calendar years. You will also need to demonstrate that you possess the mobile phone number you wish to join with.

To sign up for either of these Groups, you will need to visit:

www.cssc.co.uk/< to be advised >

Sign in using your CSSC username and password and follow instructions.

If you have any feedback on the signup process or this trial please let us know using the following form:

< Add contact form >

Channel Sailing is a division of the CSSA