Yacht Husband Team

Sea Essay is maintained by a small group of volunteer club members under the leadership of  the Yacht Husband. 

The Yacht Husband Team perform routine maintenance on the scheduled monthly maintenance days and during the long winter lay up as well as urgent repairs as required. 

For more complex maintenance and repairs the Yacht Husband can call on a number of professional firms to whom CSD have access.

As a Club yacht, with many different skippers and crews, it is important that faults, damage and losses, together with details of any repairs made, are reported to the Yacht Husband at the end of each cruise using the Handover Clearance Notes system in place.

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The routine cleaning of the yacht is the responsibility of outgoing crews and skippers and is not the responsibility of the the Yacht Husband Team.  Skippers must ensure that they allow enough time at the end of a trip for this to be done.  A Close-down Checklist can be found in the Operations Manual.  The maxim should be for crews to leave the yacht in a better condition than when they found it.

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